Countermap.land is a crowd-sourced project which  locates tangible spaces and objects within the territory known as “Canada”, represented by figures and events – be they political, social, economic, or otherwise – that have contributed to the dispossession of life, memory, territory, and resources of BIPOC communities, both past and present.

We recognize that maps and the associated technologies of cartography are inseparable from the colonial project; they describe and segment space, defining boundaries to movement, the exploitable resources of landscapes, and the reaches of imperial power. We hope through this work to appropriate these tools to define new collective histories. 

Please note: This platform is currently being tested. If you have questions, please email countermap.land@gmail.com 

This project was led by The Architecture Lobby’s Tkaronto chapter in partnership with artist-run centre 221A, and Victor Temperano of Mapster
We acknowledge that this map only works to name racist and colonial spaces. If you are experiencing trauma or distress, please seek help immediately.